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If you are looking for Bull Dawg Muskie Lures, Double Cowgirl Musky Lures, classic Grandma's or Suick Musky Lures, we've got'em here at Big Wood Musky Lures! Need Musky Mayhem, Jr. Double Cowgirls or Super Model Double Cowgirls? Then this is your online tackle shop geared specifically towards Muskie and Northern Pike fishing. We carry the musky lures you know and love, as well as, a few you may not have fished with before. In fact, at Big Wood Musky Lures, our online musky tackle shop has as big of a selection of custom and exclusive musky lures as any online tackle shop! Our products are made by quality manufacturers like Muskie Mojo, Musky Innovations, Phantom Lures and Musky Mayhem. If you like to shop online for musky tackle, Big Wood Musky Lures, musky shop is a must see online tackle shop for Musky lures and Northern Pike lures.

Looking for a great gift idea for the muskie fanatic in your life? Big Wood Musky Lures now offers Gift Certificates that can be printed right from your home printer and given to the muskie fisherman, or fisherwoman, the same day you order it online! A Big Wood Musky Lures Gift Certificate is the perfect holiday gift idea!

Our online Musky tackle Website is dedicated to offering the best Muskie and Northern Pike lures, baits and tackle available anywhere online. Throughout the year, we will be adding musky fishing tackle, musky gear and accessories, and more musky lures, so come back often and see what's new online. Your online source for Northern Pike and Muskie fishing lures and tackle, with photos of every product and an easy to use website, Big Wood Musky Lures offers one of the best places to find Musky tackle online!.

Big Wood Musky Lures, 24 hour, online muskie tackle store welcomes, Muskie Customs and Esox Edge Custom Fishing Tackle to our family of fine manufacturers! We are also proud to now carry a full line of Fluorocarbon and straight wire Muskie Leaders from the Stealth Tackle Company.

Other additions to our online Muskie tackle shop include Rabid Squirrel Muskie bucktails from Monster Lures, the Custom Bull Dawg and Pounders by Musky Innovations, the Baby Girl bucktail, Big Daddy and Lil' Daddy jerk baits from Musky Mayhem, Musky fishing rods from Tackle Industries, the new Flasha Bling Muskie spinnerbait from Cochran Tackle and the awesome Lil' Darlin and Boo Dadley line of Muskie bucktails from Dadson Blade Baits!

They are now in! A newly added topwater bait is the Tin Head Topwater Muskie Lure, brought to you by Naze Baits, the makers of the Livid Fish!

The latest addition to the fine line of Muskie Bucktails from Dadson Blade Baits, is the new Swingin' Single. It's not just a bucktail. It's a lifestyle...New to Big Wood Musky Lures is the Stillwater, topwater bait from the Sennett Tackle Company. The Stillwater compliments the Rough Runner and 7" Pacemaker, all quality topwater lures, also from Sennett Tackle. Another new Topwater bait just added is the Freak'n Frog Creeper from Bitten Tackle.

Another new muskie bait is the Twisted Tullibee swimbait from RubberHairy Tackle. Also from Rubber Hairy Tackle are new color patterns for the Swim n' Spin Suckers. Exclusive to Big Wood Musky Lures is a muskie spinnerbait from MM Baits.

They are here! Musky Mayhem's all new colors for the Double Cowgirl, Super Model Double Cowgirl and Double Showgirl are all available at Big Wood Musky Lures. Made in Canada, the Shadzilla, Shallow Shadzilla, Shadzilla JR and Magnum Shadzilla are outstanding Muskie Swimbaits and you will find the best selection of Shadzilla's Shadzilla X's and Tubes from WaterWolf Lures at Big Wood Musky Lures. Shadzilla replacement bodies and custom hooks from WaterWolf Lures also available. Also new is the Chattertail Creeper from RyLures; A hand made, hand painted, custom wood topwater muskie bait that is only available online at Big Wood Musky Lures. Also from RyLures is the hard to find, Globe musky lure and now the legendary Tapdancer!.

Lee Lures, Tidal Wave topwater musky baits are now in, along with custom show colors for the Water Chopper and Top H2O, also from Lee Lures! The all new Phantom Lures colors are in and available. Big Wood is proud to now carry the custom, hand made Wolly-Pog topwater musky lure from Nimmer Swimmer! Continuing with more super high-end hand crafted, custom musky lures is the addition of two new models of crank baits from Hosebait. The Flat Shad and the Hose Daddy are hard to find, Canadian made, custom muskie crankbaits from Hosebait.

New from Musky Armor is the little brother to the Krave, the Krave Jr.!

Just added, are two new muskie bucktails from Dadson Blade Baits; Introducing the Great 8's and the Vortex! Just added are replacement tail 2 packs for the Twisted Tullibee, from RubberHairy Tackle.

The new, Bigwood Supernatural, from Supernatural Big Baits, is another hand made, custom Musky lure that is exclusively available at Big Wood Musky Lures! We now carry Mend-It, soft plastic repairing glue and the 10" Wide Glide Jerkbait from Pearson Plugs. Just added in the topwater category are the Prop Dog Plus Muskie baits from Nimmer Swimmer.

We now carry Phantom Lures Softtail packs for the 6" Phantom as well as Phantom Lures softtail packs for the 7 1/2" Phantom. Also new from Phantom Lures is Phantom Lures Glue. Big Wood Musky Lures is proud to now offer Muskie fishing rods from Tackle Industries! Just added are weighted leaders from Stealth Tackle as well as the new keel weights for trolling bucktails, also from Stealth Tackle. Continuing with our tradition of offering hand made, custom and exclusive Muskie lures to you, Big Wood is proud to carry the Original Muskie Treat and the Magnum Muskie Treat, both from, you guessed it, Muskie Treats!

Over the past few seasons, we have added an abundance of Swimbaits, Soft Plastic Lures and Tubes. Last season we added the Original Bondy Bait from the Bondy Baits Lure Company and this season we added to our color selction of Original Bondy Baits. Big Wood Musky Lures also added the awesome Medussa from Chaos Tackle in the Original 10" sized Medussa. Encouraged from the success of the Original Shadzilla from Waterwolf Lures, Big Wood has added The Shallow Shadzilla and the Shadzilla JR! And this season we made the American debut of the all new Shadzilla X at the Wisconsin Musky Expo. The Shadzilla X is a truly unique all soft plastic jerkbait also from Waterwolf Lures and only available in the U.S. at Big Wood Musky Lures! And Tube fishermen take note: Big Wood now offers over a dozen individual varieties of Tubes, each variety coming in several colors, from the Bass sized, 5" Tubezilla, up to the 13" Magnum Gator Tube with Rattles! We just added some custom and exclusive colors of Red October Monster Tubes and 10" as well as 14" Twisted Tubes also from Red October Baits. And coming soon is the awesome, 14" Flashabou Magnum Gator Tube from Waterwolf Lures. With the Flashabou Magnum Gator Tube, you can throw big, big baits without all of the weight! New to Big Wood Musky Lures are Hand Painted, Custom Magnum Bull Dawgs in Exclusive colors from Musky Innovations, as well as Custom Super Magnum Bull Dawgs or "Pounders" also from Musky Innovations!

More new baits for 2013 include the Twis'td Sis'tr from Big Mama Lure Co. and the Dirty B topwater bait also from Big Mama Lure Company. Also new for this season is the Rizzo Wiz bucktail from Rizzo Tackle and the 8" and 10" Trophy Hunter Jerkbaits from Pearson Plugs! New for 2013 is the 10" Headlock from Supernatural Big Baits. The 10" Headlock is a castable little brother to the awesome Big Wood crankbait also from Supernatural Big Baits. Big Wood Musky Lures also welcomes Custom X Lures to our family of fine manufacturers and custom bait makers. Just added are the 5" Mini X and the 8" Mini X, both crankbaits from Custom X Lures.

New to Big Wood Musky Lures and quite possibly the hottest new bait for 2014, is The Baby Beaver and the Baby Beaver XL from Beaver's Baits! Along with the Baby Beavers are Beaver Blades and Beaver Tail Replacemet tails also from Beaver's Baits.

Also new for 2014, is 6" Killer Tails and 7.5" Killer Tails from Esox Assault; a brilliant way to liven up any Musky Bucktail, jerkbait, crankbait or any Muskie bait with a rear treble hook. Killer Tails look great on the end of our new lines of bucktails; including the Esox Assault EA-8 and Esox Assault EA-9S, the Fudally Tackle Co. Umbrella Tail and the Hirsch's Ghosttails, Ghosttail VII Series. We also now carry the new Twinkiee and Magnum Twinkiee from RubberHairy Tackle! Phantom Lures continues to expand with it's multiple sizes of Softtails, Phantail accessories and it acquisition of H2o Tackle's HardHead. HardHeads come standard with one weight insert and a plastic grub tail very similar to a Kalin's tail.

Big Wood Musky Lures is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Just Encase Tackle Boxes! Keep your boat deck clean and organized with the Just Encase Tinted Pedestal Box.

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